In English

Welcome to Luleå Go-club!

Luleå Go-club is a non-profit organisation that meet up every week to play go. The organisation is associated with Svenska Goförbundet (SGF).

Who comes to the club?
We are about 6-10 people that gather to play go or hang out with some coffee/the. The club has a wide range of player strength, some focus on improving their game and some just play for fun. We gladly help new players with tips and questions about the game. Everyone is welcome, even if you've never played before!

Where do we meet?
We meet every monday between 19 and 21 at Spelkällan in Luleå (see map below, or at Equipment exist on site in the form of boards and stones. There is one clock for those that want to play games with a time limit. The venue is a boardgame shop with access to coffee and some fika.